Chamber music /solo

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Forgetful Angel I op.6 (1978)
harmonica (violin) & piano ..... about 8 min
Japan Arts/on-demand *30CM-556

1.Count Angel Angel

"Forgetful Angel" is the title of a sketch by Paul Klee. It is a simple and seemingly endless line drawing of an angel which, for some reason, I have always been partial. After becoming a composer, I decided very earlier on to name my first commissioned work and then, series after it.
Lives are counted by a forgetful Angel.
An angel who allows people to live, and then innocently forgets that it has ...
Even so, in some unremembered place between the "Count Angel" and the "reCount Angel",
Life continued to spin with all its power and might, emitting a faint spectrum of light.
But death, death is counted by a God who never forgets.
Forgetful God does not exist.

Forgetful Angel II op.8 1979
harmonica & guitar ..... about 12 min

1.An angel counts fragments of cloud while pretending to see me
2.An angel is gleaming in the rainbow while waiting for me

op.14 1981
flute orchestra (15 fl) ..... about 11 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS *25CM-178/9
"Chikap" means Birds in Ainu, the aboriginal people of Hokkaido. This work was written for an orchestra of flutes (2 piccolos, 8 flutes, 2 alto-flutes, 2 bass-flutes,& a contrabass-flute) and premired on 15th February 1981,with the Tokyo Flute Ensemble Academy.

Digital Bird Suite
op.15 1982
flute & piano(guitar) ..... about 15 min
*25CM-178/9, VICJ-175
1.Bird-phobia (variation)
2.A Bird in the Twilight (lullaby)
3.Twitter Machine (Intermezzo)
4.A Bird in the Noon (waltz)
5.Bird Circuit (closing rondo)

This work is an extracted suite from fictious music for a fictious ballet. the hero of which is mechanical bird named "Digital Bird" ,and it consists of five pieces.
Though I cannot think there exists a plot. I suppose it to be a story like this : a bird who suffers from the bird-phobia leaves his home forest guided by a magic flute or something like that, wonders about various countries, meets strange birds and glow up (or is ruind?) as a bird.

Rainbow colored Prism I
op.17 1983
2 pf, 2vc & hrn (2pf,vn,vc & hrn) ..... about 12 min
Japan Arts/on-demand *VICC-60113

4 pieces in bird shape op.18 1983
clarinet & piano ..... about 12 min
Ongaku-no-Tomo *25CM-178/9, TOCZ-9269

A strange title of "in bird shape" is a parody of such a way of saying as " in C-sharp" which shows tonality, as well as being a word game - initial of four movements, Ballade-Invention-Recitativo-Divertiment, goes BIRD.

Rainbow colored Prism II op.19 1984
2 pianos
..... about 12 min

Birdscape op.20 1984

Random Bird Variations op.23 1985
2 pianos ..... about 12 min
Introduction - Theme - variation I : Dual Bird, variation II : Bird Scene I, variation III : Running Bird, variation IV : Choral Bird, variation V : Grotesque Bird Dance, variation VI : Minimal Bird, variation VII : Bird Scene II, variation VIII : I am a Bird.
This piece was written for an evening of "The 20th century for two pianos" at where I tried to have a bird's-eye view of music by Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Messiaen, Ligeti and so on, through their works for two pianos, having form of a variation by various musical ways of writing which were born in the 20th century such as the twelve-note technique, chance operation, tone-cluster, minimal music,neo-romanticism etc etc.

Forgetful Angel III op.24 1985
harmonica & accordion ..... about 12 min

Pleiades Dances IIa op.28a 1987
violin(flute) & piano
Ongaku-no-Tomo *28CM-658
Pleiades Dances IIb op.28b 1989
solo instrument & string quartet

Pleiades Dances IIIa
op.35a 1996
piano & percussion

Piano Quartet "ALRISHA"
op.30 1987
flute,violin,cello & piano
..... about 18 min
1.Fishes in West and South
2.Leaned constellation
3.Madness of Diamonds
4.Melting dream
5.Dry dance of Birds
6.Counterpoint of Rainbow
7.Coda of Angels

Melting Dream op.30a 1987
violin(sax / harmonica) ,piano ...about 2 min
TOA Music International co *30CM-556,COCO-80261

Parallel Bird Etud
e op.39 1990
2 clarinets
..... about 10 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS

Fuzzy Bird Sonata op.44 1991
saxophone & piano ..... about 15 min
Gerard Billoudot Editeur, Paris
*APCE-5199, TOCE-9695, EMP-101
1.Run, Bird
2.Sing, Bird
3.Fly, Bird

This work was composed for virtuoso Nobuya Sugawa.The influences of jazz,rock,folk music and bird songs can be heard and the saxophone plays free improvisations, with a lot of contemporary techniques such as flatter, portamento, glissando , multiple notes and the highest register.

Bird Prism
op.45 1991
2 flutes & piano ..... about 12 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS *ADA-307


Bird Rhythm
op.46 1991
percussion group ..... about 15 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS *TOCZ-9257

3 White Landscapes
op.47 1991
flute,bassoon & harp ..... about 10 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS *ADA-197, SRCR-2480

1.Yuki-Ura ...Divination by Snow
2.Sizu-Yuki ...Stillness in Snow
3.Yuki-Gie ...Disappearance by Snow

Rainbow colored Mobile
op.53 1992
mandolin orch (mandolins,mandolas,mandolon-cellos,mandolones, guitars & doublebasses)..... about 9 min
Ongaku-no-Tomo *

Dream colored Mobil
e op.58 1993
saxophone(or oboe,cello etc),harp,string-quartet ..... about 8 min
EMI/EMI music *TOCZ-9209, 30CM-556, SRCR-2480

Mimic Bird Comic
op.63 1995
horn & percussions ..... about 10 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS *TOCZ-9257


Atom Hearts Club Quartet
op.70 1997
string quartet ..... about 10 min
Japan Arts/@ASKS *TOCE-9650, TOCE-55095
Atom Hearts Club Duo op.70a 1999
guitar duo
Edition Gendai Guitar *COCQ-83079
Atom Hearts Club Trio op.70c 2000
piano trio (or 2vc & pf)

Japan Arts/@ASKS
1.Allegro molto. progressive-rock-style Allegro in irregular time.
2.Andante. a mysterious Andante in ballad style.
3.Scherzo. a paramour's Scherzo.
4.Finale. rounds the suite off in slapstick boogie-woogie.
#"Atom Hearts Club Quartet" was composed in 1997 under commision from the Morgaua Quartet for a work in the progressive-rock style of the 1970s. It was rearranged for Guitar duo, Piano trio and String ensemble etc.

When a Bird Dreams of Moonbeams..
. op.77 1999
clarinet,cello & harp
..... about 12 min
1.A bird dreams

Atom Hearts Club Suite II op.79 1999
12 cellos / string ensemble ..... about 12 min
Japan Arts/on-demand *CHAN-10070
1.Pizzicato Steps
2.Aggressive Rock
3.Brothers Blues
4.Rag Super Light
5.Mr.G Returns
6.Atomic Boogie

Metal Snail Suite op.80 1999
euphonium & piano
(with percussion, optional)..... about 15 min
Japan Arts@ASKS
1.Allegro Spiral
3.Snail Blues
4.Eclogue Monologue
5.Dark Bass
6.Random Snail
7.Final boogie

3 exotic songs op.89a 2002
soprano saxophone & guitar ..... about 8 min
Japan Arts/on-demand *OCD-0083
1.Distant Song
2.Ancient Song
3.Dance Song

Partita a la Cheshire Cat op.94 2005
piano & percussions (marimba,vibraphone,glocken,triangle,tomtoms etc) ..... about 20 min
2.Cat steps
3.Run, Cat, run
4.Dance of the dream cat
5.The ideology of whiskers
6.Waltz for a cat's tail
7.Cat scrumble
8.March of the boss cat

Piano Works

To the companion star of Sirius op.1 1974
piano ..... about 8 min

Regulus Circuit op.7 1979
piano ..... about 6 min

Pleiades Dances
I op.27 1986
*COCO-80115, 32CM-318
1. Floral Dance, 2. Invention for about 2 voices, 3. Apple seed dance, 4. Interlude to water, 5. Leaflet Dance, 6. Invention for about 3 voices, 7. Platan dance.

Pleiades Dances II
op.28 1987
*COCO-80115, OCD-0031
1. Negative Prelude, 2.Conventional Invention, 3. Alignment Romance, 4. Interlude with birds,5. Fragmentary Dance, 6. Dry Little Fuga, 7. Positive Rondo.

Pleiades Dances III
op.35 1988
1. Nonchalantry Prelude, 2. Dance toward Left, 3. Globular Romance, 4. Interlude with a Hymn,5. Romance from the past, 6. Slightly Bright Waltz.

Pleiades Dances IV
op.50 1992
1. Memory of Prelude, 2. Canticle of quiet rain, 3.Dance toward West, 4. Memory of Interlude,5. Distant dark pastorale, 6. Dance toward East, 7. Season of Alleluia.

Pleiades Dances V
op.51 1992
1. Image of Prelude, 2. Pavane in the dark morning, 3. Dance in afternoon, 4. Inclined Elegy, 5. Arabesque in Twilight, 6. Noel in Midnight, 7. Scene of Rondo.

Piano Folio 1997

Pleiades Dances VI
op.71 1998
1. Prelude to the little spring, 2. Waltz on late spring, 3. Pastoral on summer, 4. Romance to listless summer, 5. Barcalore on autumn, 6. Pastoral on winter, 7. Rondo - spring comes again.

Pleiades Dances VII op.76 1999
1. Interrupted faint prelude, 2. Static dream pavane, 3. Recounting Waltz, 4. Liquid Invention, 5.Distant Dream Romance, 6. Soft Time dance, 7. Tender Wind Rondo.

Pleiades Dances VIII op.78a 2000
1. Prelude on the Moon, 2. Allegro on Fire, 3. Andantes on Water, 4. Scherzo on Wood, 5. Adagio on Metal, 6. Allegro on the Ground, 7. Postlude on the Sun.

Pleiades Dances IX
op.85 2001
1. Supple Prelude, 2. Little Crystal Romance, 3. Waltz in Obtuse angle, 4. Lullaby in the Celestial night, 5. Romance on a Parabola,6. Arabesque in dream, 7. Landscape of Finale.

#Pleiades Dances, written on the subject of the seven stars of Pleiades, the seven colors of rainbow, the seven tones of various modes, the seven rhythms from triple time to nonuple time and so forth, are the results of my attempt to create " a new form of preludes for the modern piano".

Simultaneously, they are the etudes in which the J.S.Bach's inventions are projected on the present age through a polarized prizm, the transcriptions of imaginary dance music played in fantastical four-dimensional space spreading ancient times to future and the tiniest dance suites composed only of dots and lines.

Seven pieces makes up one suite of music, and each suite takes some 10 minutes to play. These pieces can be played selectively or in free combinations. It may also be enjoyable to play alomg with the rhythm by a small percussion instrument like the triangle or the tambourine.

Tapiola Visions
op. 92 2004
piano (for left hand) .... about 15 min
1.Vignette in Twilight
2.Gigue of Forest
3.Pavane for Water
4.Commas of Birds
5.Toccata in the Wind

Guitar Works

Litmus Distance op.10 1980
guitar (with small bells) ..... about 12 min
Edition Gendai Guitar *BVCC-673

1.Bedouin in Acid
2.Bedouin in Alkali

Tender Toys 1983
guitar-solo/duo (harm & gt)
Edition Gendai Guitar *COCO-80633, GGBD-2002
Romance for Tree, Antique Tree Song, Angel in Twilight ...
Afternoon at the Penguin Park, March to the distorted flags, Velvet Waltz...etc.

11 pieces for guitar solo, and 7 pieces for two guitars or duo for flute (harmonica) and guitar.

Wind color Vector op.48 1991
guitar ..... about 10 min
Edition Gendai Guitar *BVCC-673, CHAN-9743


Guitar Sonata "Sky color Tensor" op.52 1992
guitar ..... about 22 min
Edition Gendai Guitar *BVCC-673


Water color Scalar op.57 1993
guitar ..... about 12 min
Edition Gendai Guitar *BVCC-673, COCO-80633


#"Wind color Vector", "Water color Scalor", "Sky color Tensor" were composed for Kazuhito Yamashita as Trilogy for guitar. These 3 works combine with to make up the overall character of Wind, Sky, Water, in the context of the 5 elements of the universe in Japan, Ground-Water-Fire-Wind-Sky.

2 little pieces 1994
guitar ..... about 5 min
Edition Gendai Guitar *BVCC-673, CHAN-9743


Around The Round Ground op.66 1997
guitar ..... about 8 min
Edition Gendai Guitar *COCO-80633

4 Little Dream Songs 1997
guitar (harm & pf)
Edition Gendai Guitar *COCO-80633,30CM-556

1.Spring ... dream song on May
2.Summer ... distorted waltz on August
3.Autumn ... dream song on November
4.Winter ...Lullaby

Vocal /Stage Works

Plant Prism op.16 1983
mixed chorus & piano

A Day of Mr.TRAUMA op.22 1985
voice, small ensemble

Monologue of Mr.RANDOM op.32 1987
voice, pf

The Life of Mr.FRACTAL op.34 1988
voices, ensemble

Melancholy of Mr. Composer op.37 1989
voice, fl, perc, pf (synth)

Neo-opera "CELESTA" op.56 1993

From The 100 haunted Stories op.61 1994
voice, Japanese-Inst Ensemble

Horror Stories of Mr.Splatter op.62 1995
voices, va, perc, pf (synth)

Apocalypse of Mr.Namuh op.64 1995
voice, fl, sax,perc, pf (synth)

KENJI...homage to MIYAZAWA Kenji op.65 1996
voice, sax,perc, pf (synth)

WA-Sei-Zoh-Shi...The Book of Japanese Voices op.68 1997

Other Works

Marmalade Circuit 1984
music ..... about 17 min
NHK electronic music studio

Run, Language Run ! op.29 1987
..... about 35 min
NHK electronic music studio